Answers to some of your questions submitted on Twitter and Facebook… enjoy!

Do you think you’ll be back in time for the playoffs this season? (Lucas – Twitter)

Right now it’s hard to say. There are days when I say “no way, it can’t happen” and there are days when I say “I’ll definitely be playing soon.” I’m not even thinking about that day to be honest, just taking it day by day and I will only play again when my leg is 100% ready. With other injuries (groin, hamstring, ankle) I’ve played through pain at 85% sometimes, but with this one, there won’t be any risks taken. Whenever I am 100% ready, I will play again.

How can parents of young players best support their kids in the development of skill and knowledge of the sport. Is it possible to push too much training? (Julie – Facebook)

Yes it is definitely possible to push kids too much, and I advise against it. Kids need to have fun. When it becomes about wins and losses at the age of 8-16, you can compromise their development because their focus will be on winning and not on how they perform. The focus needs to be on performing well. If they get to the pro level, they will hear enough about wins and losses like me and my team mates do everyday. Parents should encourage their kids to be active in whichever sport they choose.

What’s your personal philosophy? (Michael – Twitter)

Everyone has the potential to be great! Their greatness is tied to their gift. Once you find your gift, work on it, and then serve it to the world… you will be great!

What is your favorite goal of all time? (Arjun – Facebook)

Mine: goal against Chivas where I beat 4 players and the goalie & goal against NE Revs (volley). Other: Maradona’s goal against England at the 1986 World Cup… not the handball one.. the one with the amazing dribble from the halfway line!


FIFA or Pro Evolution? (Keylor – Twitter)

From 1999 – 2008 Pro Evo (formerly called International Superstar Soccer in Europe).. since then FIFA. I’m amazing at both by the way!

While in college, what was beating Stony Brook in the last seconds like and what work did u do to become a pro? (Danilo – Twitter)

Ahhh that was the best feeling ever. We won 1-0, I scored with 9 seconds left. In NCAA College soccer the clock winds down and the game ends at 0:00 with no added time.. so 9 seconds left literally means 9 seconds left! We celebrated that victory a lot! To become a pro, I worked really hard since I was a kid. I believed I would make it regardless of what came my way (being released by Arsenal, knee injury).

What’s your fav color Skittle? Haha random enough for you? (Toni – Facebook)

Ha I don’t really eat skittles, but I’d say orange.

How do you stay so positive during a time right now.I broke my tib/fib at my ankle 6/30/10 and I’m finding strength in you. (Josh – Twitter)

I wish you all the best mate! Personally, I stand on my faith in God… nothing else. It’s not easy, but hang in there, everything is temporary and seasonal, nothing lasts forever – not even a broken leg!

Beyond the fans, club, coaches, and friends; what is your favorite thing about Seattle? (David – Twitter)

The summers ha! Seriously, when the sun comes out this city is 10/10! I love going out to eat and there are so many options in Seattle. Personal favorites include Belltown Pizza, Neiman Marcus Cafe, and Nordstrom Cafe!

Did you always know one day you’d play professional soccer? or was there something else you wanted to be as a child? (Monica – Facebook)

Football was always #1. But I also did a lot of music. The genre is called Grime (London Underground sound – similar to rap but faster) and I used to go on pirate radio stations with my friends and freestyle. Even today I maintain that hobby and spend a lot of time in the studio making music. Some of the artists who came from the Grime Scene and have made it to the mainstream in the UK are Dizzee Rascal, Tinie Tempah, Wylie, Chipmunk and more. And my favorite artist is Wretch 32.. please check him out if you’re into good music!

InterviewWretch32 Interview: Wretch 32

Has watching the poor performance made you rethink your plans & perhaps playing for us, after all? (Chris – Twitter)

I’m open to all three nations I’m eligible for (England, USA, Congo). England is more than just a long shot so I’m not expecting Capello to call. USA definitely interests me and I am working on becoming eligible but it’s still early days. When I get healthy and regain my form.. I’ll think about it more.

What’s your favorite Bible verse? (Wyatt – Facebook)

The whole book.

Here in Colorado we were very happy to present you with a signed flag-jersey that we made for you wishing you to get well. I hope it made some kind of an impact and I would like to know what you thought of the gesture. 🙂 (Jordan – Facebook)

I appreciated it a lot. All of the gestures have been very encouraging.

Favorite passtime off the field? iPhone or Droid or oldskool? Favorite food? Last movie you saw? (Carey – Twitter)

Pastime: Listening to and making music, reading, traveling. Iphone/Droid/oldskool: I have an iPhone 4 and a Blackberry (only for Blackberry Messenger because my friends in England all use it!) Last movie I saw: Ray – was a great film!

What do you think of Montero? I say get someone new in there. (Richard – Twitter)

Lol are you serious? Did you see his free kick that won us the game in the 90th minute a few days ago? It’s on YouTube I’m sure!

Are you a Harry potter fan? (Kathryn – Facebook)

No… saw one of the movies at 14, tried reading the first book… got through 5 pages and I was done.

Do you think you will have to change your style of play after your injury? (Ian – Facebook)

At first yes, I’ll be cautious in training and won’ t take too many risks (I’ll avoid Pat Ianni and Zach Scott at all costs) but eventually I’ll be back to my old self once I’m up to speed. Football is played in the mind. What I mean by that is that even though my leg is not working right now, I still know how to play football. I haven’t forgotten how to dribble, pass, run, shoot etc… it’s just that right now my body won’t allow it. The goal is to get my body back to full strength and then I’ll be cool.

What is your fave thing to do when you are not playing soccer or volunteering? (Ashley –  Facebook)

I work on my nonprofit Kingdom Hope (www.kingdom-hope.org). That’s where my heart is and where my life will be after my career. If you go on the site and read our future vision you will see why I need to put so much work into it. Through Kingdom Hope I do a lot of clinics all over Washington, and some speaking engagements in universities, churches and even at a rotary club once!

Are you treated like a celebrity in Seattle? If so, how do you approach interactions with people. (Colin – Facebook)

Yes and no. It just depends on the day. On some days I get recognized a lot and on others I don’t. I know which I prefer lol! Sometimes the guy who delivers my Pizza knows who I am and it’s awkward because he’s standing in my doorway grinning from ear to ear and I have no idea why at first! But I love meeting people even though I’m a private person to some extent.

What keeps you motivated through injuries and bad times off and on the pitch? (Rohan – Facebook)

Music! Music is so powerful man. It can alter your mood so much. If I’m feeling down after a bad game or something, I get in my car and play some Wretch 32 (my fave artist – London based rapper) I immediately find myself feeling a bit better. This is weird but here goes – I cannot sleep without something playing in my ear. When we travel I room with Pat Ianni and he will tell you that I always sleep with my earphones in my ears. I can’t sleep in silence! So music is one of the main things I use to get through bad times but also to enjoy good times.

When is the album coming out? (Mark – Facebook)

Haha slow down! I have my tracks on CD and I play them in my car almost everyday. That’s as close to an album coming out as we will get!

What is your favorite, most satisfying food? (Katie – Facebook)

Rice and Peas (kidney beans), oxtail, plantain (Google it), and potato salad. A restaurant in London called Brown Eagle is my fave place to get this meal.


Thank you for your questions and sorry if I didn’t answer yours… did as many as I could! Until we meet again… Steve Z.

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Time on my hands!


I believe that there are positives to be found in every situation, including the one I’ve found myself in since April 22. It hasn’t been easy to come to terms with what happened and knowing that my career will be on hold for a while, but one of the benefits has been that I now have a lot more free time than I’m used to. Since 2009, I’ve been very busy with my career. My lifestyle has consisted of training, matches, airports, airplanes, hotels, public appearances, interviews, and more. It can be nonstop sometimes! But right now, I’m not able to train, play, or travel with my team and so I’m experiencing a shift in my lifestyle. One of the things I want to do with this new found free time is to blog and interact with the public. There is a lot more to a football (soccer) player than his or her sport. We have interests in a variety of things that can range from music to politics. So this blog will be the avenue I use to talk, share, and ramble about the things that interest me. I love music, politics, history, current affairs, reading, traveling, good restaurants, London, Seattle, sunny days, good movies, technology, vacations, sleeping in, drinking tea, documentaries, pranks, the NBA, and a million other things! My point is, I can and will talk about almost anything on here. I’ll try to avoid talking about soccer all the time but I am not making any promises. Feel free to leave comments etc…!

Steve Z.

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