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Well as many of you who follow my career know, yesterday – Sunday September 2nd 2012 – was a huge day for me. It was the first time I’ve been in the starting 11 for our team in 500 days.

500 days, 5 surgeries, extensive rehab and physical therapy, but that’s all behind me now and I’m more or less back to my old self, although it’ll still take time to get myself fit enough to be able to play a full game every week, and I also need to time to find my best form and consistency. But having come this far, I’ve got no doubt that I’ll do that too.

I’m writing this from 30,000 feet in the air somewhere between Dallas and Seattle.

A big thank you to all of my fans that have supported me through this trial. Every message and letter was an added source of strength and motivation for me. I want to thank Boris Gladun as well. Boris used to come to my house in the early days and do some physical therapy with me. I used to hate hearing him knock on my door because it was early and I had no motivation to do some of the exercises but he got me off my crutches and taught me to walk again. Our team trainers also helped me once they picked up where Boris left off. A big thanks to Dave Tenny, our fitness coach. He was huge in my career before my injury because he took me from being 60-minute fit when I first came here from college and made me 90-minute fit. I’ve worked with him a lot this year, and he’s pushed my body to limits I didn’t think I had at times.

I thank Sigi and all of our coaches for the football side of things, and for having patience while I found my touch and sharpness. Also I’d like to thank our entire organisation for the way they’ve been there for me through all of this. Thanks to my family and close friends who not only suffered with me but also believed with me. I thank all of my team mates as well.

I also want to thank Myles Munroe, my mentor and a spiritual father. Every time I needed to get away I was able to call him or fly to the Bahamas and spend time with him. Each trip renewed my faith and belief that I’d be able to become a good player again.

I was so happy to get the assist for Mauro’s goal in the way that I did because it was the final check mark in my mind that needed to be crossed off. It’s something I did consistently before, and so I’m glad I can still do it!

Finally, and most importantly, I want to thank my Creator and Source of all my gifts, talents, and potential, if not for my faith in Him, I would have quit at some point!

Thanks for everything, keep supporting us as we try to bring a championship to this great city and our great fans this year! This will be the last time I use this blog because my focus is now 100% on winning the rest of our games and doing the business in the playoffs!

Steve Z


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5 Responses to Final Blog

  1. SZ11: Love is a verb, an action word, synonymous with Z-A-K-U-A-N-I. Way to keep lov’in ’em ’til they ask where and Who its all about. Speaking for 50,000+ other friends, I CANNOT WAIT for the THUNDER in the CLINK when you next take the pitch. Cheers mate, and thanks again for WHY you are about all of this.

  2. Stephanie Newell says:


    So many times during your journey with the Sounders (even pre injury) you have brought me to tears. Tears of joy, pain, and love. You’re such an amazing person, and im so glad to have been a fan and to continue to be a fan and see you blossom.
    I cannot wait to see what more is ahead of you, and thank you for sharing this amazing triumph with us all.
    Ill be watching from 131 every game. We are the fans screaming “Wheels” at you…..a nickname we gave your pre-injury and we’ve been calling you even during this all. I knew your “wheels” would be back. We’ve been praying for you.
    Till the next game, much love,
    Stephanie Newell
    sec 131 Row B


  3. Kelly Beem says:

    We have all longed for the day we would see you in the starting 11, and thankfully in Dallas, we saw that happen. You\’re an amazing individual, and your strengths are so inspiring! We all love you so very much, Steve, and we look forward to seeing you on the pitch more and more as the season closes out.

    Bring us that championship. Our city, its people, and OUR team, certainly deserve it!

    Go be the hole on the flute that Gods breath flows through!…

  4. carella211 says:

    Welcome Back!

  5. Ryan Sales says:

    I have dealt with a few difficult setbacks in life. Allowing me to understand some of the mental and emotional challenges in your recovery. But I have no context to pretend to know the demands of your physical recovery. What I have is the magic of being there when you and Brian exchanged jerseys. And now, watching you celebrate your assist on Mauro’s goal. The process you went through for 500 days to give us Sounders a generous result is remarkable. I find your perspective and determination heart warming. You handled an extreme challenge with wisdom and grace enveloped in a personal faith that goes well beyond simply calling your recovery inspiring. It’s a meaningful and extreme journey you understand well beyond me. What I do understand is the power of your smile and celebration.

    Thank you,

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