It’s been a minute…

It’s been a while..

Health and Training

Since the last time, a lot has changed so let me bring you up to speed. First and foremost, health-wise I feel great. Had an x-ray (probably the last one I’ll have) on my right leg yesterday and the bones are 95-98% healed I’d say. Nature has taken it’s course and it feels good to know everything is almost back to normal there.

I’ve been training hard this week. Twice on Sunday, twice on Monday, once on Tuesday, once on Wednesday (hard to do after the historic win on Tuesday night), once today and I’ll go twice tomorrow. The reason I just said that is because there have been days when I couldn’t leave my couch or the hospital bed to walk to the bathroom. So now, to have my body in a place where I can work up a sweat and do some of the drills that my team mates are doing is a great feeling to have. I’ve worked closely with fitness coach Dave Tenney this week, for me he’s the best at what he does and since 2009 when I came here, he’s really helped to get my game up to the level it was at before the injury. Now he just has to do it all over again.. no pressure Dave!


At the end of September, I took a two week break away from everything here in Seattle because mentally I needed it. I owe the club a huge thank you for understanding and initially suggesting the idea for me to get away. The reason I took the break was because I plan to be in Seattle from now on thru January training everyday – that break was basically my offseason. I was in London mostly to see friends and family. Those trips are always fun and I definitely miss home. My mum and sisters were pleased to see me walking and moving so well. My brothers said, “it’s about time!” boys will be boys! In London, lies my favourite restaurant on the whole planet. I’ve been to so many countries in my life and eaten so many different foods but nothing compares to Brown Eagle. It’s located in North London, in a city called Tottenham (where the London riots began), it’s where I grew up. When I landed at heathrow and my friend picked me up, he asked me “should I take you to see your mum, your brother, or your friends?” I gave him a look that said, “I thought you knew me better than that.” And with that we drove from the airport to Brown Eagle! The next two hours are a blur now but I can still taste the Rice and Peas, Oxtail, Plantain, and Fruit Punch when I close my eyes!!!


On Tuesday, like most of you, I was in the stadium to witness history. Massive congrats to the team for such a great win.. I watched with a large group of friends in one of the suites at Qwe… I mean Century Link field! If it had been up to me I would have watched the celebrations from my seat but Sigi wanted me on the field to experience it firsthand with my team mates which was nice of him. I even lifted the trophy in front of the fans and to hear them sing my name gave me goosebumps. You fans are truly special.

Someone said to me the other day, “every time I am around you, you are happy! And you seem to be an even happier person since the injury.” That really got me thinking, because even though I know it to be true, I couldn’t tell you exactly why. I’ve always been a happy person, but since the injury, I’ve been able to appreciate that life happens to all of us, and the best thing you can do with your limited time on this planet is to be happy, joyous, and always positive no matter what happens to you. It took me two months after the injury to learn that and I have not looked back since. I believe that worrying is completely useless because it changes nothing! So I never worry about anything anymore, I just enjoy and make the most of my 24 hours everyday! I think Steve Jobs death is a reminder to all of us of what a positive attitude can help you do. Born out of wedlock, adopted, college dropout… To a world changer! All in just 56 years! That’s the kind of person I admire!

Thanks for reading, that’s it from me for now! I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments! Until next time… Peace!

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17 Responses to It’s been a minute…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Steve for a peek into who you are. You really are an inspiration and I wish you nothing but all the personal and professional success you desire. I look forward to seeing you on the pitch, doing what you do best, very soon!

  2. You are an inspiration too Steve! Look forward to seeing you back on the pitch. Congrats on all your progress.

  3. So happy to hear you’re making such steady progress! I know you’ll be right as rain come 2012. You deserved to be up there on that stage Tuesday night with the rest of the team, and we can’t wait to see you on the pitch again. Bless!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Remarkable recovery for a remarkable young man. Thank you for sharing Steve. We are just as anxious to see you playing again as you are!

  5. Greta says:

    Thanks for sharing this update,Steve. Your dedication and determination is inspirational, and we are eagerly awaiting your return to the pitch. In the meantime, keep that positive outlook. Here’s to a speedy recovery. Cheers!

    “The real glory is getting knocked to your knees then coming back. That’s real glory.” -Vince Lombardi

  6. Stephanie Newell says:

    You are such an inspiring man! You have encouraged me to look into myself and cherish each day to the fullest! You are such a talented and wonderful man…Thank you for sharing your life and recovery with your fans and admirers. I look forward to seeing you back on the pitch. We in section 131 have a very fitting nickname for you, “Wheels” and I also look forward to yelling that at the top of my lungs as you race by us. =) You are so loved Steve, thank you for all you do!!!!

    -Stephanie Newell and Ryan Rios
    (Forever Faithful: Section 131 Row B Seats 14/15)

  7. You are an inspiration to me….a 37 year old soccer playing mom. Thank you for your perseverance and wisdom.

  8. Thanks again Steve for the update. Keep working hard and godspeed brother.

  9. Svetlana Fortygin says:

    Well, Steve! Your talent for soccer is not the only thing you have! 🙂 When reading this it’s so evident that you really do have an exceptional gift of communication. Beautifully written!

  10. Shteevie says:

    Good to hear from you, Z! I’m still wearing your jersey with pride at every game, and I can’t wait to see you on the pitch next year.

    A few thoughts, if you don’t mind:
    –I was just offered $7M for your contract in FIFA12, but I rejected the offer. Your goals are priceless!
    –Rumor and speculation say you may return as a forward, given the team’s depth at midfield and relative thinness up front. Have you been training for any particular role?
    –Three years into your generation adidas contract, are you looking at any long-term plans?
    –I hope you’d consider another signing event. I’d love for you to sign the support poster I made with #11 on it.
    –Thanks again for your uplifting attitude, your dedication to your dreams, and your open candor. All three are great, and make me proud to be your fan and a Sounder supporter.


  11. Bistoofat2dy4me says:

    Steve, wow, what an honest person & a fine fotballer you are!
    I’d love 2 meet u sometime & chat w/u about a certain gala-dinner… But, b4 I do it, let me pick a good restaurant in Seattle that you might fall in love with & forget the English Brown Eagle… Also, I really want u 2 sign my #11 shirt. Thank you.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Steve, Ziggy had it right, you deserved to be on the pitch and it was fun watching you lift the cup. Hopefully we can coordinate a date in January with Garrick and you can spread the love in Anacortes! Well done on your recovery and God Bless!

  13. Anthony Borromeo says:

    Hello Mr. Zakuani, brilliant blog. Thanks for the health update and sage advice about not worrying. Thrilled to see you hoist The Trophy after the victory. Miss seeing you on the pitch, hope you’re 100% very, very soon. And if i visit London, i’ll stop at the Brown Eagle, oxtails are one of my favorite foods. Big up Sounders!!! Take care.

    Respectfully, Anthony

  14. Veronica Perez says:

    Steve, your story is so amazing! I’ve been following your posts and it has been helpful to hear an athletes side of rehab. I’m in graduate school for Athletic Training and have been sharing your story with my sccer players in rehab makes them want to work harder to get healed so they can play again! Keep doing your thing man, it’s workin!! I miss Seattle and wish I was home to celebrate our 3rd USOC victory. Congrats!

  15. Jill Cady says:

    Steve, thank you for being the amazing athlete and humanitarian that you are. I am 34 and just beginning to play soccer again after 15 years of hard living. While I find it near impossible to get through the 90 minutes without passing out or heaving on the sidelines, I have been so inspired by you and your teammates to get healthy and play the game with all I’ve got. May we have you back next season 100% and may you continue to inspire people across the world. Thank you

  16. WesMagee says:

    Based on how you finished this blog post I thought you’d appreciate this quote from writer Mary Schmich: “Don’t worry about the future. Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4 p.m. on some idle Tuesday.”

  17. Anonymous says:

    So glad you’re nearly there with the fitness 🙂 best keep away from The Brown Eagle though cant have you putting on the pounds Mr Z 😉 I wonder if The Brown Eagle plans a Seattle franchise!!!??

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