I hope you’re all enjoying your summer! I’m having a great time… I’ve heard some people complain about the weather here in Seattle but I’d much rather be here than anywhere on the east coast dealing with that heat wave! Besides, when the sun does come up in the Seattle area, it magnifies the beauty of this place even more.

A lot of people asked me for another update on my health and at the moment all I can say is that I’m doing great and responding well to the physical therapy. I won’t lie to any of you and say that life has been easy these past three months, but I will say that I’m in a very good place emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.. I’m doing great! The reality is that I’m slightly ahead of schedule but it’s still a day by day, week to week situation. As I’ve said before, no unnecessary risks will be taken because of the nature of the injury.

The team has been on a great run and have played great football lately. The Manchester United game aside (it really wasn’t a big deal to be honest) it’s been fun to watch what my team mates have been doing on the pitch! Long may it continue…

I was in North Carolina and also California recently, and will be going to Nebraska (don’t ask), The Bahamas and London in September. It’s important that I get away and keep myself busy during my recovery so that I don’t get caught up in a mundane routine – that would be bad for my spirits! The club have been great and our GM, Adrian, is fully behind me taking that two week break from everything in September.

Kingdom Hope (my nonprofit) has kept me busy lately as we are planning some events like the Aug 6 viewing party for Seattle’s game vs Kansas at the Golazo HQ in Seattle. Come and join me, it’ll be fun to cheer the lads on to victory with you. See “Steve Zakuani’s Kingdom Hope” on Facebook for more details. I also enjoy public speaking and community outreach events and I’m able to accomplish both of those goals through Kingdom Hope.

Away from soccer, I keep up with the news a lot and spend time with friends. It was sad to see Amy Winehouse pass away last week, no matter what our personal opinion of her is, her talent was obvious and she will live on through her music. The tragedy in Norway was shocking to all of us as well I think, and we can only hope that those affected will find peace in the midst of their storm.

A couple of months ago I received a message on Facebook that moved me deeply and I am planning on doing something special for that person in a few days. Everything will be caught on camera and I will post the video on the Kingdom Hope website and Facebook, and my own Facebook too.. you will enjoy it a lot, but most of all I want to make a positive impact in that individuals life! Stay tuned..

Finally, I’ve been writing some new music and will be back in the studio in a couple of days.. it’s one of my most enjoyable hobbies. I do it purely for fun and it helps me to stay in touch with my roots because growing up, apart from football, music was all my friends and I were interested in.

I’m always on the lookout for good music so feel free to leave me some suggestions in the comments below…

Till next time!

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5 Responses to Summer

  1. drizzie says:

    Great blog dude! Glad to see that your doing well! I do music has well, any chance of getting you for a feature?! Glad recovery is going well!

  2. gMarkf says:

    It’ll be great to see you back, but don’t rush anything. We want you for the long haul.

  3. Bobby says:

    I don’t really know what kind of music you like so it’s hard to make a recommendation but here are some intersting bands I’ve been listening to lately.
    How to Dress Well
    The Very Best
    Clams Casino

    Well lots more but try those out and I’ll send you more if you like any of these

  4. Nate says:

    Hey there, very glad to see your recovery and therapy are going well!! We miss you every match! If your into music Seattle is a wonderful place to be. If your ever in the Wallingford area past 10 pm you should check out the “Seamonster lounge”… Heavy cats play there on a nightly basis and it’s a killer place to catch some real Seattle music. Best wishes to you and your recovery, peace my friend.

  5. Fred says:

    If you have the time, I’d love to see you stop by The University of Akron this Fall and check out a game…perhaps Ohio State (Sept. 28th) or Wake Forest (Oct 29th). Or perhaps in Santa Barbara, CA on October 5th. [Actually, I would love to see you in Akron on August 27th when the Zips hoist the 2010 National Championship banner.] At any rate, best wishes Steve. Last year’s Sounders victory 4 – 0 in Columbus was fun to watch in person, and I look forward to seeing you on the pitch again for the Sounders (who have the best fans in MLS) soon. Thanks for all you did in Akron and all you do in Seattle and elsewhere!

    Go Sounders!
    Go Zips!

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